Home Credit received Golden Dragon Award for the 5th consecutive year

In the middle of April, Home Credit Vietnam has won the Golden Dragon Award 2017 for “Best Customer Service” from Vietnam Economics Time. This is the fifth consecutive year that Home Credit Viet Nam has received the prestigious Golden Dragon Award.

Being established in 2001, “Golden Dragon” is an annual award by the choice of Editor Board and audiences of Vietnam Economics Times. The award aim to recognize, encourage and honor foreign investment enterprises (FIE) which are running business in Vietnam for their impressive achievements in production, business, service; compliance with tax duties as well as labor rights; their willingness in social, community activities, etc.

In a circumstance that the economy is facing with difficulties, low economic growth, to survive and develop rapidly is already the remarkable achievement. With a stable growth through years and seamlessly improving products, services, Home Credit was honored to be one among 62 FIEs receiving Golden Dragon Award for 2017 business result.


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Posted on 15.05.2018