Life is always unpredictable; there are things that come unexpectedly to anyone, and under any untimely circumstances. To share the financial burdens with customers, Home Credit collaborates with our trustworthy partners introducing Personal Accident Insurance product – a solution that can help customers to settle the debt of the borrower without causing financial strain to their family on death and other insured accidental events.


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Advantage of Personal Accident Insurance from Home Credit:

The insurer shall pay at once the sum insured defined in insurance contract: in case of the insured’s death or permanent total disablement caused by accidents (insured events) within insurance period

In particular, customers will also be provided more benefits in addition to inpatient treatment fee in the event of unfortunate death or permanent disability caused by accidents (the sum insured is defined in Insurance contract)


For more information, please kindly contact:

Bao Minh Insurance Corporation: 1800-588812, Ext 3

GIC Global Insurance Corporation: 1800-6786

Posts and Telecommunications Joint Stock Insurance Corporation: 1900-6727, Ext 3

VASS Assurance Corporation: 1900-9249